Hafnium wedding band “Ultimate comfort” ordered from Connecticut,USA

I’m looking for a hafnium wedding band for my husband size 14 and pricing?”

This is a hafnium wedding ring that we made by mail order after receiving such inquiries.

By email meeting,

  1. Material
  2. Ring width (and ring thickness)
  3. Ring size
  4. design
  5. Finish
  6. Character engravin
  7. Stone clasp

We decided on these 7 items.

Then, we delivered the prototype aluminum ring by international mail, and after confirming the size and appearance when attached, we proceeded with the production of hafnium.

The world has changed dramatically with the incident of the Covid 19.

Wedding rings are also often ordered online. Then, the actual distance is no longer an obstacle, and we are now receiving inquiries not only for mail orders from within Japan, but also for mail orders from outside Japan.

The world-class hafnium ring of TOKYO DIAMOND. It is the finest rare metal material that gives absolute safety, comfort, and maintenance-free comfort to those who suffer from metal allergies.

Comments from the orderer
“Received the ring thank you so much he loves it!”

Hafnium ring made to order width 6.3 mm
199,100JPY (tax and shipping included)
About 1,500USD

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